Milben-STOP Powder

Milben-STOP Powder

Effective against mites and parasites

100% natural composition

Suitable for organic farms

Improves the quality of eggs and meat

Milben-STOP Powder is a powder against chicken mites and is considered as a biocide suitable for use in poultry farming. This mite remedy is also effective against ectoparasites such as red mites and other pests, including fleas, animal lice, or beetles. The mite remedy provides chicks with effective long-term protection without the need for direct treatment of the animals. It is simply applied to the surface where the chickens walk and other hiding places of parasites.

On the one hand, Milben-STOP Powder can be used for preventive purposes against infestation by pests, and on the other hand, it can also be used in case of acute infestation. Therefore, the mite remedy is just what is needed to maintain the health of chickens and protect them from harmful parasites.

Milben-STOP Powder kills chicken mites and other parasites purely by physical means. The fine-dispersed powder can penetrate even the smallest cracks, as the pests like to hide there in small cavities during the day.

How to use the powder correctly:

In order to truly get rid of pests with chicken mites, a complete treatment of the chicken coop with the powder is necessary. For this, the chickens have to temporarily leave the coop. To avoid inhaling fine dust, it is recommended to wear a respirator. Gloves and protective goggles should also be worn. First of all, the chicken coop needs to be thoroughly cleaned. Perches, nests for laying hens, and the floor should also be cleaned of feces. Possible hiding places for parasites, such as vinyl covers, caps, and lids, should be removed. Subsequently, the remedy is generously sprayed in the chicken coop. Make sure that a sufficient amount of powder gets into corners and small cracks. After that, the chicken coop should be ventilated through open doors and windows for several hours. Only when the fine dust settles, you can let your chicks back into the coop.

Application rate: 30-50 g/m2, application rate depending on the type of farm, for example, cage breeding (30 g/m2) or free-range farming (50 g/m2).

Composition: globular particles with a diameter of 1-2 mm, consisting of amorphous silica (opal-cristobalite and α-cristobalite), clay substance, quartz grains, glauconite, feldspars.

Safety instructions:

Do not inhale the dust from the powder or the powder itself.

Avoid contact with eyes.


After successful control, the dust coating can be left in place to prevent re-infestation in the long term. In case of re-infestation, the application can be repeated.

Feces mixed with the powder can be incorporated into the fertilization or composting cycle. The powder does not cause any harm.

Packaging: 5 kg bag.