Zecken-STOP Powder (Тick-STOP Powder)

Zecken-STOP Powder

(Тick-STOP Powder)

For large domestic animals (cows, horses, goats, etc.)

Effective against ticks and parasites

100% natural composition

Suitable for organic farms

No deterioration of milk and meat quality

Prevention of tick infestation in animals should be comprehensive, i.e., not only the animal itself is treated, but also the living area. Actions are carried out systematically, both in spring-summer and autumn-winter.

Zecken-Stop Powder is a powder against ticks and is considered an insecticide suitable for biocidal use in livestock environments. The tick remedy provides effective long-term protection without the need for direct treatment of animals. It is simply applied to the surface where animals walk and other parasite hiding places.

On one hand, Zecken-Stop Powder can be used for preventive purposes against pest infestation, and on the other hand, in case of acute infestation.

In case of acute infestation, the animal is sprinkled with the powder. Avoid contact with the animal's eyes and respiratory tract.

Zecken-Stop Powder kills ticks and other parasites purely by physical means. The fine-dispersed powder can penetrate even the smallest cracks, as pests like to hide there in small cavities during the day.

How to use the powder correctly:

In order to effectively get rid of ticks, the entire room needs to be treated with the powder. For this, the animals have to temporarily leave the room. To avoid inhaling fine dust, wear a respirator. It is also recommended to wear gloves and protective goggles. First of all, the room needs to be thoroughly cleaned. All small objects should be removed. Then, the remedy is generously sprayed in the room. Make sure that sufficient amount of powder reaches the corners and small cracks. After that, the room should be ventilated through open doors and windows for several hours. Only when the fine dust settles, you can let your animals back in.

Application rate: 30 - 50 g/m2

Composition: globular particles with a diameter of 1-2 mm, composed of amorphous silica (opal-cristobalite and α-cristobalite), clay substance, quartz grains, glauconite, feldspar.

Safety instructions:

Do not inhale the powder dust or the powder itself. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, or clothing. Improper use can be harmful to health.


After successful treatment, the dust coating can be left in place to prevent re-infestation in the long term. In case of re-infestation, the application can be repeated.

Packaging: polyethylene bags.

Zecken-STOP Powder (Тick-STOP Powder)