Dietary supplement to reduce the risk of clinical and subclinical milk fever (childbearing paresis). 

Dietary mineral feed (for dairy cows) to reduce the risk of milk fever. Contains easily digestible calcium salts.  To prevent calcium and phosphorus deficiency due to the high calcium and phosphorus content.  Gentle on the mucous membranes - free from caustic calcium chloride 


Method 1: Inject directly from the bottle into the cow's mouth. 

Method 2: Mix Millibedin with food 

Give/feed the 1st bottle (500 ml) about 24 hours before calving and the 2nd bottle (500 ml) immediately after calving. 

If necessary: 3rd bottle (500 ml) 12 hours after calving and if necessary 4th bottle (500 ml) 24 hours after calving/feeding. 

Use after injection (if necessary): for calcium and phosphorus deficiencies after veterinary calcium injection, add/feed 1st bottle (500ml) 8-12 hours after injection and 2nd bottle (500ml) 24 hours after injection. 

Release form: 500ml bottle.

Ingredients: aqua, crude protein, crude oils and fats, crude fiber, crude ash, calcium (100% from dicalcium phosphate), phosphorus.