Salt lick which provides the cow with important minerals that the main feed may not contain enough. For daily nutrition. 

The salt rock also serves as a pastime and is readily accepted by animals. Salt stone can be offered to your cow both in the stable, on the farm and in the van during transport. 

Feeding Instructions: 

Each cow should have a salt stone available. Your cow will only lick the stone when necessary. 


Sodium chloride, magnesium calcium carbonate, trace elements 


  • Sodium 37% 
  • Calcium 1.1% 
  • Magnesium 0.6% 
  • Zinc from zinc oxide 1000 mg/kg 
  • Manganese from manganese(II) oxide 1000 mg/kg 
  • Iodine from calcium iodate 100 mg/kg 
  • Cobalt from cobalt(II) carbonate 20 mg/kg 
  • Selenium from sodium selenite 20 mg/kg 

Net weight 2.5kg Keep the stone cool and dry