Leckstein-Mineral MINERAL

Leckstein-Mineral MINERAL 

CORK STONE for cows - rich in sodium and magnesium. 

Keep your cow healthy! 

Mineral Lekstein helps your cow to meet its mineral and trace element needs. Especially after great exertion, heavy sweating and on warm days. The mineral stone offers the cow a good opportunity to keep the salts in balance. 

Lekstein is enriched with iron and thus also covers a cow's increased need for iron, also if it suffers from anemia.

Analytical components: 

37.10% Sodium Na, 1.4% Calcium Ca, 0.2% 

Magnesium mg Compounds: Sodium chloride, calcium sulfate, magnesium oxide 

Elements per kg. 

dietary supplements 810.00 mg zinc Zn, < 3.00 mg copper Cu, 830.00 mg manganese Mn, 18.00 mg cobalt Co, 10.00 mg selenium Se, 100.00 mg iodine, 560 mg iron from iron(III) - oxide 

Feeding Instructions:

Each cow should have a salt lick available. 

The cow will only lick the stone when necessary. 

Net weight 2.5kg Keep the stone cool and dry.